Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams for President of the United State of America

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Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv., DD, PhD

for the office of President of the United States America

a mighty woman of God


Theme: In GOD we trust," Psalms 91:1-16 (KJV); "I am come in the name of the LORD."

About Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DD, PhD... 

For 25 years Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DD, PhD has been in ministry serving as a Theologian, while serving on active duty the United States Armed Force of America. I have served in several branches which include the Air Force, the Department of Defense, (DOD) Substitute Teacher, served in the Civilian Corp, NATO, Naval Air Base, Keflavik, Iceland, as well as, serving as an Army Chaplain, Military Officer in the United States Army Reserve.

I have continuously dedicated my entire life to serving the LORD in the performance of GOD's perfect will rendering truth.  My focus in and on the theme, "In God we trust." Truth and justice is the American way.   My leadership is stapled upon rendering honest, integrity, loyalty to all those whom I have served.  

I am a servant of the most High God and a servant to His divine people.

I am a Veteran who has served this great country in many regions within the United States, as well as, several overseas territories, and theaters.

I am an Educator and have taught in many civilian colleges, and universities...

I am the daughter of Jamaican immigrants who came to this great land searching for a better life for themselves in quest of the American dream and to make a better life for their only child.

I can sincerely state to you today that their vision, hopes and aspiration has been accomplished and their goals met.  I have, lived, experienced and achieved a life -- life style of total success because of my parent’s desire for their daughter.  

I am a graduate of West Side High, Gary, Indiana; New School University, New York, New York, Howard University, Washington, District of Columbia; Christian University of Southern Indiana.  

A Theologian and a scholar who loves to be in service for God's delight, as well as, His great people.

A visionary, missioned driven, a woman of purpose, well able to complete, accomplish any task with 100% accuracy and attention to detail...

I believe in the American way, its lifestyle, giving freedom to all man-kind.

As you know freedom is not free; it comes with great price. To which we honor and recognized many of our service members of the United States Armed Forces, as well as, DOD Civilian who have served this nation and that are still serving today.  

It is the people of this great nation that makes the difference --- time and time again.  

We the People, for the People, by the People, of the People -- whichever way you slice this -- it is the staple that keeps us United.

I respectfully ask you, if you would consider kindly and take some time, only a few moments, out of your busy schedule to do this favor for me:

       a) To submit to me your expressions, any and all feedback are welcomed. Tell me what you would like that your Senator do for you; should I, Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, PhD; be Elected by you as your Write-In Candidate for United States Senate ...

       b) What would you like to see accomplished during my six years term in office?  What do you desire for yourself, as well as, your community during my six year term in office as your Senator?

       c) On Election Day, November 8th, 2016 vote by going to the poles early and, "Write-in," my name Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, PhD for United States Senate... 

With these vital insights and with God, the one true and living God ... together we can achieve great and awesome success in under-taking any and all of your petition(s).

I will personally read, write, and respond to your feedback.

I have been and will forever be proud to have served this great nation. Throughout my entire service career within the Armed Forces of the United States of America. I will be proud and honored to now serve you and this State. 

I will do my very level best to fulfill the mission in the office of United States Senator.

Again, consider writing-in my name: Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DD, PhD for United States Senate during the General Election in November 8th, 2016...whether you are an absentee voter, an early voter, or you vote on Election Day, November 8th, 2016.  

I too will Write-in my vote for Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams for United States Senate. 

Thank you and May God bless you, may He keep you, may He give you peace to be gracious unto you and your entire household, and may His continence shine upon you both now and forever.

This is my prayer to you, your household, and for this State.


Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DD, PhD

Write-In Candidate for United States Senate

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